COHOB is dynamic

COHOB is dedicated to design

COHOB is consistant

COHOB is generous

COHOB shares, inspires and exchanges

COHOB is topical and not instantaneous

COHOB improves, extracts and spreads thoughts


COHOB is a periodical about design in a large scale and more precisely about product design. Gathered around themes, a dozen articles are published containing various approaches, examples, research and questioning in order to inspire and get reactions.
  • COHOB considers actual issues but put them into perspective.
  • COHOB does not want to fall into too immediate reactions which could lack of profoundness.
  • COHOB deals with a miscellany of knowledge, distills informations and distributes them with perspicacity.


COHOB stands for the French verb “cohober” which means: to distill, to decant, to settle. This title highlights the mind process of absorbing ideas and to share them well asimilated.





COHOB Editor

Product and Industrial Designer




COHOB Graphic designer

Graphic Designer



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